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About Us

Our new company, Information Stronghold, Inc., has designed, developed and produced an innovative, inexpensive, Grab-N-Go, secure, protective product line to help family’s accumulate, protect, and safeguard vital family and personal records against disasters of all kinds – fire, flood, hurricanes, tornadoes, crashes! Our unique Strongholder Series, checkout the web site (www.informationstronghold.com ), gives everyone a chance to save, protect and prevent any loss of vital papers and electronic records—it’s fire retardant, floats, waterproof, crushproof, at the ready! We offer the only integrated solution to properly organize and protect important hard drives, flash drives, documents, records and provide you a chance to recover and rebuild rapidly after devastating tragedies and losses. The Stronghold Series products are the RecordMaster, the FireMaster, and the DisasterMaster, and are proudly MADE IN AMERICA.

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