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  • DisasterMaster

    Waterproof, Fireproof, Ruggedized, Bouyant, Lightweight, Portable, & Protects Valuables!
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    • Waterproof - it floats!
    • Navy Seal tested and certified!
    • Use in homes, boats, yachts, planes, motor-homes
    • Protect and know you can recover from disasters!
    • Includes Free RecordMaster with every purchase!
  • FireMaster

    Fireproof, Lightweight, Survivable, Grab-N-Go Carry Bag/Pouch.
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    • Survive a fire - save your valuable papers/electronics!
    • Easily restart your life –with your records safe in hand!
    • Tested to 1200 degrees F
    • Lightweight, easy to escape disasters with the right documents!
    • Includes Free RecordMaster with every purchase!
  • RecordMaster

    Your Information Organizer, Collect The Right Information, Your One Stop Source For Critical Family "Need To Know" Resources.
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    • Attractive Bound Master File of your Critical Information.
    • Get Organized--Your repository of Life's essential information.
    • Be prepared to recover from all/any disasters!
    • Free with purchase of FireMaster and/or DisasterMaster!

The only Integrated Solution to properly organize and protect your critical records.

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